Lesson Two: Sewing machines

In this lesson, the reader is asked to choose a quality sewing machine. Good suggestions included a bobbin case that inserts from the front not the top, presser feet that change out easily and a feed dog system is easily accessible.


Now, I’m not sure if this is the quality machine that they recommend but its what I have purchased this year. So I won’t be purchasing another one for some time. I do have a 1950s Singer machine that I absolutely love. There’s nothing like the sound of hearing it stitch. And it’s the one that I love for free motion quilting. However, it’s also the one my husband is using to sew his camper curtains. He’s got many to do so it will be quite some time before I get to use it again.


I will definitely be taking up the suggestion I learned in the lessons about the quarter-inch foot recommendation ( I may as well throw mine in the trash). I’ll talk more about that later and you’ll learn more about my mistake.

Used Bernina, Pfaff and Viking machines are recommended. It will be some time before I buy again. This video is helpful if you are in a position to buy new. I’ll  be looking for something like this in the future.


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