Class 120: Lesson One: All about fabric – to tear or not to tear?

This lesson is all about fabric content and understanding that fabrics need to be prepared properly in order to keep fabric and quilts durable and vibrant for years. If you want successful rotary cutting, you should pay attention to making sure your fabric grain is strait. Understanding fabric grain and that it gets messed up even though it looks great on the bolt is a key. Why? Because your finished quilt blocks or sections can warp and not lay flat if they are not on grain. I was skeptical until I tried it. I tore the fabric and of the five pieces I ripped, none of them were on grain.



You can see that the strait grain and the printed lines on the right do not line up.  I am a believer! I will straighten my grain before I cut my fabric strips! There are two schools of thought on how to straighten the grain, tearing, realigning and ironing a new fold or the hanging technique. Here is the best example I could find for the Quilter’s Academy method.

Here is an example of the hanging technique. In my view, with this method, you still don’t really know if you are on grain.

I favor the tearing method.


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