Lesson 4: Working Properly with a Ruler or…Joanie, you’ve been doing this wrong!

I have been doing this so very wrong. I used to always lay out my fabric and cut image

it after I washed it. Most times I did wash it. Well, now I see that you’re supposed to make sure you have a straight edge on your fabric, you need to make sure your fabric is well pressed, you need to make sure your cutting mat is on a flat surface like a wooden table and you need to make sure your fabric is folded. Mine is always folded once but here they’re saying fold it twice. That would give you about an 11 inch wide cut. Then you would have a much easier time cutting a straight edge. And I’ve always used my big ruler to cut my strips they’re saying a smaller ruler is more manageable when cutting. I am getting better at how to use my rotary cutter I’ve watched several videos online about hand placement and preparing your fabric and using your ruler. Here are two that I found helpful. However, neither of them are truly using the Quilter’s Academy method.

This one is good but she uses the lines on the mat, which can cause inaccurate cutting. I have found that I like my large square ruler. I cut the strip and then use the square ruler to make sure the square I’m cutting is really square.


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