Lesson Five: Cutting Straight Strips. No Vs or Elbows for Me!

No more misfit blocks! I vow to practice good technique and cut straight strips. I will also check my strips to make sure they are all the same width (just a few threads difference in each strip adds up to a big difference in a quilt).

Easier said than done. After all the pressing and straightening, I would think I shouldn’t have to check the fold to make sure the first cut is not a V or the 3rd or 4th for that matter. Yet, I hate wasting fabric and trying to make crooked strips fit. Therefore, I won’t skip this important step.

There are a lot of videos on cutting strips on YouTube showing lots of strip-cutting techniques. This one is probably most like the Quilter’s Academy method. I like it the best of all I have seen so far. She says she has to fold her fabric before she cuts it because she doesn’t have a long enough ruler. According to Quilters’ Academy, that is the right way, to only use a ruler the size you need for the most accurate cut. You’ll have less slippage that way. Also, it would have been nice to see her open up her first cut strip and show the fold so that we know it was a straight strip. However, it’s good and I hope you appreciate how to cut straight strips.


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