En Provence Week 2 – New Rulers, Yay!!!

Tri Recs Rulers? What are those? I had never heard of them before this week’s clue. I always wondered about those beautiful Christmas tree and star blocks. I had no idea this was how done. Here we go, a new adventure – Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence, week 2! With a massive to-do list at home, I had no hope of having time for this. And, I used up ALL of my neutrals last week. I borrowed this one from my small Christmas stash. It will have to do.

All cut and ready to go.I stole some time on Sunday morning while hubby slept to cut them. I found that I had trouble lining the rulers up with the cut edge to make the next cut so I placed the cut edge against the side of a ruler and put the rule I was using in place against the first one to make the next cut. It worked well

I decided to pin because my machine has feed dogs that eat little pieces for lunch. Even with the pinning, I struggled.

I had to sew with pink side down because it was heavier and fed through more easily.

Sewing the right sides.

Sewing the left side.

After a while, I got the hang of it and it worked to sew with the pink on top. Yes, I chain pieced. I just cannot do Bonnie’s method of two at a time.


Nothing but trimming left to do! Yay, I did it! A strange turn of events at home kept me from going to work on Monday morning for two hours – enough time to get the trimming done so that I could have them completed before the next clue comes! Yahoo! =)

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3 thoughts on “En Provence Week 2 – New Rulers, Yay!!!

  1. Very pretty units!

    I scrunched lots of these units the first time I used the Tri-Recs. I also found they worked better the other way up through the machine. But this time they worked properly, and only one got scrunched up like that. SO who knows?


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