A Glorious Day of Sewing after 3 Weeks Off!

It has been three weeks without sewing! My little sewing room had to be converted back into a bedroom to accommodate my daughter’s visit for Christmas. She lives in Denver and deserved a real bed. This meant that the entire room had to be emptied of all my sewing supplies, machines and fabric. 

In no time, my husband and I created a respectable room. However, with no space to sew and no time during the Christmas season to sew, I found myself three weeks behind on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt!!

My daughter has returned to Denver but her tiny room will remain a bedroom. Yet, I found I could still get one machine and a table for cutting in what little space remained. 

I was given a wonderful gift by my husband tonight – a full day to sew. He even made lunch and dinner!

Thanks to him, I am caught up. I accomplished three weeks if clues in one day! This is how it turned out.

I had to finish the week 4 tri recs. They were already cut out. This was troubling since my machine eats little pieces.

Week 4 is complete!

Then I cut and sewed the half square triangles using Bonnie’s Essential Triangle ruler. The instructions were great. Week 5 was a breeze.

Here is everything so far, weeks 1 through 5. I like how it is coming together even though I am trying to use only fabric from my stash.

I DREADED week 6 when I saw these quarter-square triangles. I can’t believe l got them all done today, including trimming and spinning. All credit goes to Bonnie for the amazing ruler and my hubby for this delicious lunch (albeit sans a fruit or veggie) and a delicious taco dinner. Thank you , Honey!


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