My First Gig Teaching a Quilting Class

It all started with a basket full of scraps. I had a lot of reds and pinks and Valentine’s Day was coming. It was 2016 and I was just determined to use up my scraps that year (update – to no avail, my scrap basket is just as full in 2017 as it was in 2016). I found a pattern on called I heart quilting and I got to work. I finished my little quilt and shared it with the Guild in Grand Haven.

A few months later I was asked to teach it to anyone who’d signed up for the class.

It was a winter January day when the class took place and we had about 10 people sign up. There were several who couldn’t attend due to the distance and the weather. I was delighted to have my mother and my sister join me that day I appreciated their moral support.
We have a guild meeting and next week all of those who made the quilt will be sharing theirs with the members. Lots of quilts were made and I’m pretty sure there will be many who will have finished their entire quilt by the time of our meeting. Here’s a look back at the I Heart Quilting class for the Grand Haven Lighthouse Quilt Guild.

I was honored to be asked to teach this quilt, thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow elders, and having the opportunity to help those who are just beginning their quilting journey.


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