Will I Regret the Orange Polkadot Batik?

I was hoping this week’s clue would be something I’m familiar with like a half-square triangle block or a 4 patch. But, no, it’s the diamond in a rectangle for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt – On Ringo Lake using more coral. I’m so determined not to have to purchase any fabric for this quilt and to use up as much fabric stash and scraps as I can. With the addition of another set of coral, I’m challenged to find something in my stash that will work.

While hubby slept, early on Saturday morning, I spent two hours playing with fabric and finally decided that I needed to make my selection based on color value rather than the actual color. That might have worked or it might not have. This is what I ended up pulling from my stash to add to my corals. I am glad to use most of it up because it’s really ugly. The fabric I am most concerned about is the coral batik with the polka dots. What do you think? Is it a big mistake?

Here I am matching up pairs so that I have the right number of each.

The right sides are completed, and I am getting ready to sew the second piece onto the left side after cutting apart the chain.

What do you think of the orange polkadot on the far right?

I have never made this unit before. I am pretty happy with how they are coming out. I love how Bonnie uses the mystery quilt to build our quilting skills.

I think these should be squared. How does one square up a rectangle? 😜

Make it a great Quilting Day!

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4 thoughts on “Will I Regret the Orange Polkadot Batik?

  1. I agree with Jane. I think the polka dot fabric makes it “pop” and hopefully will add a little pizazz and movement to the final quilt. I squared up the rectangles “belly side down” before trimming off the corners. I noted Bonnie’s caution about the being the exact sizes so I’ve been extra careful.


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