How I made Aunt Susie’s handkerchief quilt

A few people have asked me to share how I made this handkerchief quilt. These are the steps I took.

  • Washed and dried all the hankies to see if they would hold up
  • Pressed the hankies well, then starched them with heavy spray starch.
  • Spot treated a few hankies for stains. Then rewashed and starched them.
  • After this step, I had 25 usable hankies in all shapes and sizes.
  • The largest one was about 18″ square so I chose to sew them to 20″ white squares.
  • I wanted a soft, beautiful white. After feeling all the whites at my local shop, I chose Northcott.
  • I washed, pressed and starched the white fabric and cut 25 20″ squares.
  • Then I pressed each hankie in half horizontally and again in half vertically so they were folded twice and pressed so that the pressing lines marked a cross.
  • I did the same to the 20″ white squares.
  • I opened flat one square and one hankie and laid the hanky on top of the square.
  • I lined up the centers where the creases crossed and pinned the hanky in place.
  • I did this until all the hankies were pinned to a square.
  • I sewed each one down with 50 wt. white thread.
  • Some hankies had straight edges. I sewed then down with a small zig zag.
  • Some hankies had an uneven, patterned edge. I sewed them down the same as the straight edge hankies, follow the patterned edge as I sewed.
  • A few had lace. I sewed them down twice, once on the outer edge of the woven part of the hankie and again on the outer edge of the lace.
  • I pressed and starched the blocks again.
  • Once completed, I sewed the squares together and added a border.
  • I love the backing fabric and I will share photos once the binding is done.
  • It was long-armed on an HQ Avante by my longarmer.

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